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Since 1955

Founded in 1955 by two brothers, Albino and Giovanni, the Company was born to project and produce buttons and detectors for the world of low and medium voltage electrical panels. Today, Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche P. Torresan operates projecting and producing components for electrical distribution and industrial automation: annunciators and flag alarm/block relay, operating even in absence of voltage, Voltage Detecting Unit for MV distribution, surge protection devices against overvoltages, led position indicator, alarm programmable unit, anti-condensation heaters.


Three product lines:

  • Annunciators and alarm indicators
  • Anti-condensation heaters
  • Surge protective devices in power electronics

This last line develops surge protection that is activated in case of electric wave shape different from electronically programmed, blocking all over-currents and over-voltages.

Management system certificate

Certificate ISO 9001

The Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche P. Torresan Srl operates with a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Certificate DNV – GL CERT-11654-2003-AQ-MIL-SINCERT: Design, development, manufacture and trade of electromechanical components, electronic devices and filtering components

Quality Policy

Since 2003, Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche P. Torresan Srl has joined ISO 9001 standards, certifying its Quality Management System.

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