The Voltage Indicator Unit is a safety device, which detects the presence or absence of Medium Voltage inside distribution cabinets. SMTE should be used in combination with appropriate MV-isolator in the range 8kV-24kV.

Version SMTE Voltage Detecting Unit for MV distribution, ENEL DY1811 certified
Each system is made up of one base (SMTE/F) installed on the panel of the cabinet and three plug-in led indicators (SMTE/M), one for each phase. Different models are available to match different MV-isolators models. SMTE is specifically certified for ENEL distribution MV cabinets.

Version VPIS
The Voltage Indicator VPIS is a device for voltage detection, which is Sused in electrical cabinets of MV supply. It should be used with a capacitive insulator of proper capacitance and isolation

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